Enjoying life in lockdown

If there is one thing guaranteed to raise a smile and immediate enthusiasm from all the family, it’s the suggestion of a picnic. A glorious sunny day, out in the countryside, down by a river. Even with the annoyance of wasps around the fizzy drinks, they are perfect for fun with friends and family or a romantic pour deux, but…hang on, that was in the other world, before Covid-19, before lockdown. Recently, like so many things, trips to favourite picnic spots have been on hold.

While the country has struggled to bring the coronavirus under control, with everyone of us playing our small part by abiding by the government’s rules, the British spirit continues to shine through. With the sun coming out (albeit intermittently) over the last seven weeks or so people throughout the country having been finding ingenious ways to make the most of their time at home.

Some of the things we’ve seen posted on social media include; building ski-lifts and slopes for kids in the back garden, paddling pools in their living room and umpteen things to raise money for charity such as running a marathon in their lounge and not forgetting the indomitable spirit of Captain Tom Moore.

But as restrictions start to lift, we can look forward with some hope of getting out and about a bit more. Maybe the holiday abroad might not happen this year, but what better opportunity of exploring the beautiful English countryside (following government social distancing guidelines obviously) and maybe, once again enjoying a traditional picnic. Wasps and all.