Goodbye summer, hello autumn...

As Winnie The Pooh said in Pooh’s Grand Adventure, “it’s the first day of Autumn! A time of hot chocolatey mornings and toasty marshmallow evenings and best of all leaping into leaves!"

It may not be the first day of autumn but nevertheless Winnie The Pooh conjures up an idillic autumnal setting. It really is a magical time of year. 

According to the Met Office there are two different dates when autumn is said to begin. Autumn as defined by the earth’s orbit around the sun, begins on the equinox which fell on the 23rd September, but meteorological autumn always falls on the 1st September. So we are now well into the autumnal season and have much to look forward to. 

A few things Winnie The Pooh doesn’t mention about autumn in his Grand Adventure but I’m sure he and Piglet would have appreciated, are, Halloween, Guy Fawkes night, log fires, the return of roast dinners, lazy Sunday mornings, curling up with a good book, blackberry and apple crumble, stunning autumn photography, getting out your favourite scarf, autumn picnics (definitely one of our favourite things to do at The Colourful Garden Company), misty mornings, forest walks, the list goes on… 

Being lucky enough to live in East Sussex and just a stone’s throw away from Ashdown Forest where the famous hundred acre wood is situated, (which is actually a 500 hundred acre wood) where A. A. Milne wrote about Winnie The Pooh’s adventures, I have spent many beautiful days walking in the forest, picnicking and enjoying playing Pooh sticks at the Pooh bridge.

So as we welcome in autumn with anticipation, I think many of us will be very sad to say goodbye to summer this year, particularly as we were lucky enough to be blessed with such amazing weather. And as excited as I am to see what autumn has in store for us, there’s definitely a small part of me (and I’m sure Winnie would agree) that’s saying “roll on spring!”