Our top five tips for picnic styling

Brighter days are coming. Dust off your sunglasses. Grab your sun hats, your towels and your summer apparel. Crack the champagne, fill your glass, and pull the ice cream from the freezer. Run to the beach, the meadows, the riverbank or even your back garden if it suits. Summer is here, and with it comes picnics and laughter and days that seem endless. 

 Picnics are personal and everyone has their own way of celebrating the appearance of the sun, but we have compiled our favourite tips below to help those who may need a little guidance… 

Pick your spot: Whether it’s your favourite beach or a riverbank or park that you’ve never visited before, the right location can make all the difference to your picnic. Easy access for carrying all your picnic paraphernalia is essential, nobody wants to do half a dozen trips back and forwards to the car. Choose a spot with lots of natural shade and preferably some open space for playing summer games, don’t forget your cricket bat or your boules set.

Food: The fun of picnics are all about sharing so bring lots of scrumptious treats to spread out for everyone to pick from. Keep it interesting but easy to eat. Baguettes, cheese, lots of fruit and various finger food, maybe pop into your local deli. Perhaps add a bottle of chilled rosé or some home made lemonade. Don't forget your ice packs to keep everything fresh.

Picnic blanket: It’s important to be comfortable while you enjoy your picnic and there are a huge array of beautiful stylish blankets to choose from on the market. Choose a blanket that is waterproof on the reverse, lightweight, simple and fun, maybe it can even double up as a wrap to throw over your shoulders while you’re watching the sun go down.

Picnic basket: A fully fitted picnic basket will make you stand out at any event. It is not only a stylish accessory at Royal Ascot but it's practical for any family outdoor gathering too. Most come with crockery, cutlery, glasses, napkins a cooler compartment or bag to keep food fresh and some have somewhere to keep a couple of bottles of wine. Including one in your picnic planning means you’ll never forget the corkscrew and look the part at the races, riverbank or beach.

Dress for the day: Make sure you go prepared. Don’t forget your sun hat, sun cream and insect repellent. A large parasol is perfect for when the sun is at its height and can keep proceedings dry when the clouds burst. As we all know, there’s nothing more unpredictable than the British weather.

Most importantly, have fun, create memories and make life a picnic!