Spring was a washout.... but grab a picnic because here comes summer

Today, meteorologically speaking, is the first day of Summer, but last night we were seriously considering putting on the heating. So far, weather wise, 2024 has been a washout.

But, wring out those soggy hearts and rejoice, because this month isn’t called ‘flaming June’ for nothing. Rest assured the big yellow orb will put on its hat and make an appearance this weekend, with the country basking in uninterrupted sunshine from now until September. Tabloid headlines will hark back to previous spectacular summers and proclaim, “Phew. What a scorcher!” as we swelter in temperatures that rival the Costa Del Sol. Local vineyards will harvest bumper crops and enjoy award winning vintages that will have Champagne producers in Reims, vert with envy. And we will all cancel our holidays abroad to staycation in Blackpool, Brighton and Bridlington…oh, how we wish.

As much as we would love to be able to rely on a consistently warm and dry summer season, we all know that in the UK, the one thing we can’t predict is the weather. The best policy is to expect the worst, and be ready to make the most of the good days. At The Colourful Garden Company, we believe one of the best ways to maximise enjoyment of a sumptuous summer’s day, is to get outdoors and have a picnic with friends and family. And what better way to be prepared for a picnic than with one of our beautiful personalised picnic baskets. 

The sun might not shine every day this summer, but that’s even more reason to enjoy it when it does.